Family Law

Family is precious to us so when changes need to be made it is important to get the best advice that will affect every member of your family. As your family attorney, we can assist you with:



At AuBuchon & Pennuto Law, LLC, we would be honored to assist you with adopting the newest member of your family. Let us guide you through this complex process to ensure that your adoption process goes smoothly.



Also known as Dissolution of Marriage. There are many areas of a family’s life that need to be taken into consideration when a divorce is going to take place.

Child Custody and Visitations

We can help you maintain a healthy family, whether it means getting you a greater share of custody or compelling the other parent to step up and help raise the children.

College Contributions

College is one of the biggest expenses our children will face. It is important that both parents come to an agreement on exactly how much each will contribute toward their children’s education.

Family Support

These are monetary payments such as child support and maintenance that one spouse makes to the other spouse for the day-to-day support of the family.


Property Division

It is essential that you receive an equitable share of the marital property.


Enforcement Proceedings

Even though a court order outlines what a person’s responsibilities are regarding custody, education costs, family support, and medical expenses, it doesn’t mean that your ex-spouse will honor it. As your family attorney, we will show you how to navigate the court system to compel a family member to respect formal arrangements.

Providing Personal Service To Our Illinois Family Law Clients

By nature, family law matters are not pleasant situations to be in. At AuBuchon & Pennuto Law, LLC, we will do everything within our power to lessen that stress for you. When you select us to take care of your family law case, we will take the time to get to know you. By dedicating our attention to your unique situation, we will be prepared to meet your needs and expectations.

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